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Window Blinds Greenville, NC



Window Blinds & PLantation Shutters for Greenville, New Bern & Washington, NC

Below you will find more information on the variety of products we offer. From plantation blinds and shutters to window blinds, we have the Greenville, NC; New Bern, NC, and Washington, NC area covered with the very best!
Window Shutters

At Coastal Shutters and Blinds, we carry a variety of custom interior window shutters. Our shutters are designed to provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy. 

Our collection includes the following:

  • Basswood Shutters: This is the strongest and lightest shutter material available; there is little or no sagging in the panels or louvers.

  • Engineered Wood Shutters: This style looks similar to laminated and is finger-jointed with pressboard woods, but it’s more budget-friendly.

Plantation Shutters Washington, NC

  • Plastic Shutters: This style comes in a variety of forms, including extruded vinyl, vinyl with an aluminum core, MDF, and vinyl foam.
    Traditional extruded vinyl: This style has the poorest weight-to-strength ratio and is the most likely to suffer from sagging, fading, yellowing, ultra-violet and heat-related damage.
    Vinyl with an aluminum core: This style has a better weight-to-strength ratio, and it is less likely to sag. It can also be made into a wider variety of custom shapes.
    Vinyl foam: This is the highest quality of the plastic products. It is lighter and stronger than traditional vinyl and avoids most of the common sun-related defects. 
    MDF: This is the weakest and heaviest of the shutter materials. It does not wear well, but is often substantially cheaper than many alternatives.
  • Custom Plantation Shutters: This style is one of the most distinctive window treatments available and can be custom-built to any shape or size. Plantation shutters allow the free-flow of air while still creating shade. 

Window Blinds

At Coastal Shutters and Blinds, we carry a variety of custom window blinds that are made from different materials and available in a wide range of colors. Our collection includes the following:

  • Faux Wood Blinds: This style is budget-friendly, durable and looks just like real wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are available in composite wood or PVC/vinyl. 
  • Real Wood Blinds: This style is a more upscale option that offers more insulation than other blinds. Real wood blinds create a natural, warm feeling in any room that looks good both inside and outside the home. 

  • Vertical Blinds: This style is a popular choice for sliding doors and larger windows. They are available in vinyl, fabric or S-shaped styles.

Faux Wood Blinds Greenville, NC
Window Shades

We also carry Roman shades, which are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles. 

If you are looking for superior window treatments in Washington, NC; Greenville, NC; or the surrounding areas, call today!

Our Customers Love Our Faux Wood Blinds, Plantation Shutters, & Window Shades!

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